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Introduction to the Essential Components of Eyeglasses

Vision is one of the most important aspects of our life, however, often we take it for granted. When we reach a certain age, then we realize that we also need glasses to improve the quality of our vision. Although, there are many who may need glasses at very early age too.

As you can see the glasses used are fragile item, and hence it is important that we should be aware of various parts of glasses so that we can explain to any optician shop, when we need any of the components used on our eyeglasses. Banton Frameworks is also a well-known supplier of all these components of eyeglasses.

Many of you may not be aware that your eyeglasses will be consisting of several different parts. Each and every pair of eyeglasses will be designed with certain functionality in mind.  

Right from providing you the necessary comfort to making sure that your glasses have a perfectly secure fit, each component serves a certain purpose. Let us introduce you in this post, to the different components of your eyeglass.  

  1. Rims 

Your rims of the eyeglass will lend character and form to your eyeglasses. Also, they will provide function just by holding your lenses in place.

  1. Bridge

The bridge will be the center of your frame that is going to rest on your nose and will join the 2 rims together.

  1. End pieces

There are small parts on your frame that will extend outward and then connect both the lenses to your temples are called the end pieces.

  1. Hinges

The hinges will sit between your end pieces and your temples so that it will allow you to easily close the glasses by folding your temples inward.

  1. Lenses 

Your lenses are actually the clear glass pieces, which may often be of plastic or some other material that is held in place with the help of rims. Your lenses will be shaped and crafted with your unique requirement to help you to see clearly.

  1. Screws

There will be screws that are small metal fasteners close to the hinges and connect the end pieces with your temples.

  1. Nose pads

These are round plastic pieces below the bridge that will sit on the nose. They will offer your glasses a little more secure and comfortable fit.

  1. Pad arms

The nose pads will be held in their place by pad arms that prolong from the rims. They can be adjusted to fit your face’s natural contour.

  1. Temples

These temples are actually the lengthy arms on either side of your frame that fit snugly over your ears.

  1. Temple tips

Part of your temple will rest behind your ear to hold your frame in the proper place.

Now that you are comfortable with the various components of eyeglasses, this will help you to buy if any of them are needed for your eyeglasses. In case, you have got a new frame, which is not fitting you right, then check out how to adjust your glasses.