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What Is The Best Material To Look For In A Swimsuit?

The majority of swimwear is constructed of a mix of nylon (also known as polyamide) and lycra or elastane (the fabric that gives a suit its stretch). The optimal ratio to ensure both comfort and lifespan is an 80-20 split: you want your swimsuit to have some give yet be able to readily return to its original shape. Another thing to consider is how transparent your swimwear will seem after a swim. When in doubt, reaching out to customer service personnel or the creators of independent firms is also an excellent alternative.

Which Swimsuit Top Is Ideal For Your Bust?

Consider your intended outcome first. If you want to add some oomph to your top, use cup inserts with caution. Smaller busts may benefit more from front seaming on bralette-style designs; the little notches enhance rigidity and create the appearance of a naturally bigger cup. For larger chests, a sports-style top is a fantastic choice, but if you want to avoid the compressed look, search for broadband beneath the bust as well as a tie-back closure that crisscrosses your back. These two design components provide comfort-first support by taking the strain off the neck and spreading it equally across the shoulders. While a basic shelf bra—the built-in bra liner that commonly comes with a one-piece—may appear to be more suited to small chests, expert believes it’s a great alternative for larger cup sizes.

What Kind Of Design Elements Should You Look For In A Swimsuit?

Consider what activities you’ll be doing in your swimwear; true function should be top of mind, according to expert. Tie fastenings may not be the most comfortable choice while resting on your back if you’re the kind to relax all day. If you prefer water activities, no-slip leg holes and a higher collar will keep your suit in place.

Adjustable features can also aid in ensuring a tailored fit. Because our bodies are all different, having the opportunity to tighten some straps and shorten the torso is fantastic, expert explains. Pay attention to product descriptions for these types of elements—it may take some reflection on your swimsuit hang-ups to understand what to search for. Think about what you don’t like about a swimming suit and move from there, expert advises. Do you ever feel like your bandeau is slipping? Look for one with silicone gumming that stays in place. Worried about a bra bulge? A versatile tie-back clasp allows you to tailor the suit to your exact measurements.

How Do You Take Care Of A Swimsuit So That It Lasts?

Top-tier maintenance is essential for lifespan, especially when investing in a high-quality swimsuit. To maximize longevity, wash off chlorine, sea salt, and sunscreen residue after each use, but avoid hot water—both washing machine and whirlpool kinds. According to expert, high temperatures can cause fibers and elastics to break down, which is why your suit is sagging after a long soak. Save your less expensive swimwear for the hot tub.