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Fashion-Models / June 4, 2022

How to Wear Ear Warmers for a Chic New Look?

The trend-setting ear-warmer is this season’s fun and functional new fashion item! Although ear-muffs, hats, and scarves help keep your ears toasty and sheltered from strong winds, the ‘ear-warmer’ is a novel method to stay warm while looking fashionable. So it’s a must-have for us fashionistas who want to seem current while avoiding flattening our haircut!

‘Headbands,’ the most stylish ear-warmer, are produced from knitted or crocheted wool, mohair, merino wool, nylon, and acrylic mixes. This combination of materials assures that your ear-warmer will not shrink in the wash and keeps the price low, since natural fibres such as wool are very pricey these days! A soft and flexible ear-warmer headband is also essential cold weather gear for protecting your ears from invisible injury.

Ear warmers in pink and white with textured bands

This luxurious ear-warmer is made of 100 percent merino wool and is the ideal present for family, friends, or oneself! Its raspberry and vanilla ice cream hues are bright and cheery for the winter season. And wearing bright hues will always make you seem younger!

Why are ear warmers worn?
Most of us are aware that when heat naturally increases, we all lose a significant amount of heat via our heads. But did you realise that this has an impact on your core body temperature as well as your inside organs? Low temperatures are a recognised cause of hearing loss, and no one wants to lose their hearing because they didn’t care to protect their ears from the harsh winter weather!

So, as the temperature drops below 59oF, make sure your ears are well-protected. That may not seem very chilly to some of us, but this is the temperature at which the brain’s temperature controller begins to store heat in order to keep your internal organs functioning correctly. And the heat draws blood away from your ears, nose, hands, and feet, necessitating the use of warm socks, gloves, scarves, and ear-warmers.

So, now that we’re all driven to protect our ears at all costs, let’s think about how we may use fashionable knitted ear-warmers to increase our fashion style!

Color check your wardrobe
Before I go shopping for stylish apparel and accessories, this is usually my first ‘point of contact.’ I wasn’t always that meticulous, but a few years back I glanced through my closet and discovered I had a lot of nice things – but I couldn’t wear them since nothing matched! I like wearing patterned shirts, but I also enjoy wearing patterned pencil skirts! So I was more or less limited to wearing jeans with my patterned shirts every day, and the skirts were not getting their fair amount of usage!

So, starting that day, I began organising my shopping visits with a list of basic shirts to go with my lovely skirts. And I’ve discovered that it saves me a fortune in mismatched things that I couldn’t wear before they had a matching mate! And since an ear-warmer is both attractive and functional, it should be mixed, matched, or toned with your favourite coloured garments.

Which ear-warmer style is the best?
Because ear-warmers may be worn both inside and outdoors, aim to collect a modest collection that complements your preferred fashion designs. Sporty clothes, for example, appear absolutely ‘completed’ when you add a’sporty’ style ear-warmer produced from the same fabric mix as your outfit. If you merely want to seem comfortable for day-to-day use, consider an ear-warmer that complements your hair colour to create a classy touch.