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Watches / May 16, 2022

Second hand Cartier watches for him and her

Founded in 1888, T. H. Baker has been a leading family owned jeweller and authorised dealer for generations. As a company we have 130 years experience in the industry, so we can assure our customers that they can buy from us with complete confidence. Now specialising in Second hand jewellery and pre-owned watches, T. H. Baker is the place to go to purchase that iconic luxury timepiece.

We have a range of stunning iconic Pre-Owned Cartier Watches for you to shop now at T. H. Baker and House of Watches. Showcasing the finest in luxury watches, our Cartier collection is the perfect place to find a timeless gift for your loved one or an investment for yourself. Cartier provides luxury and elegance for both men and women, their designs are distinguished with the brand ever evolving their first historic timepiece, to continually be true to its original watch created back in 1904.

Cartier was founded in Paris by Louis-François Cartier in 1819, primarily starting with just jewellery and then later in 1904 the very first Cartier watch was created specifically for Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont. Then in 1914 Cartier’s panther motif appears for the first time on a diamond wristwatch. From this moment forwards, Cartier would continually grow their luxury watch collection but always staying faithful to their very first few designs back in the early 1900’s.

The Tank watch was created in 1917 with inspiration taken from a purity of line. Also taking inspiration from combat vehicle from above, giving a rectangular feel is what has given the Tank watch by Cartier its unique timeless look for both him and her.

With a selection of both men’s and women’s Cartier Tank watches in stock at T. H. Baker, there is no better place to look for the perfect Cartier watch. The men’s Tank with its rectangular design and options for a leather strap or bracelet provides simple elegance and everyday practicality. If he loves designer watches that are flawlessly discrete then the Cartier Tank watch is perfect for him.

The Cartier Tank watch is also available for women in the women’s collection. Slightly slimmer than the men’s Tank, the women’s Tank timepiece comes encrusted with diamonds, with the options for rose gold and an overall more glamorous feel to the men’s version of the watch.

There is a selection of both men’s and women’s Cartier second hand watches at T. H. Baker, with other older collections included that are no longer purchasable from Cartier themselves, a bonus of purchasing second hand luxury watches.

Here at T. H. Baker, our pre owned watches are inspected to authenticate the piece to ensure the item is being sold at the highest standard possible. When you purchase your dream second hand watch at T. H. Baker, all watches come with a manufactures guarantee giving you the confidence you need to purchase the perfect timepiece, whether it is for yourself or a loved one. Shop our selection online at T. H. Baker or come into one of our 20 trusted stores and asked about our Second hand Cartier watch collection.